FIX: Microsoft Office – Spellcheck in French only! Reviewed by Momizat on . A couple of days ago I had an issue regarding the Spellcheck not working in MS Word 2007. However this time I've come across another common issue where in Outlo A couple of days ago I had an issue regarding the Spellcheck not working in MS Word 2007. However this time I've come across another common issue where in Outlo Rating:
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FIX: Microsoft Office – Spellcheck in French only!

A couple of days ago I had an issue regarding the Spellcheck not working in MS Word 2007. However this time I’ve come across another common issue where in Outlook or Outlook Express, Spellcheck is always in French. I’ve been getting quite a few issues where when a customer tries to use Outlook 2003/2007 or Outlook Express, their default spellcheck language is set to French and they’re unable to change it.

After doing a lot of research over the internet I’ve found quite a bit of articles relating to this issue so I thought I’d write an article about it. Basically it is a common issue and has an easy fix to it…

All you would need to do is download a spellcheck software and install it. By installing this software it will change all the default dictionary languages to english, at which point it will allow you to start using spellcheck in english.

  • Click here to download the software.
  • Once you have downloaded the software, double-click on the file and continue with the setup.
  • Once that is complete, restart your computer.
  • Now test it out and you should have your spellcheck back up and running.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment…

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    • ankit thakkar

      thanks “Terri Carson”

    • Terri Carson

      While in the Word Document with which you are experiencing the problem, Hit Ctrl.a to select all, then go to Tools, Select Languages, uncheck determine language automatically and select English. This fixed my problem.

    • Chris B

      Thanks so much for doing the legwork on this solution. I was able to help a frustrated customer within minutes of finding your work.

      Thanks again,

    • Saneet Talwar

      Thanks a lot, Its work now.

    • Mary Pat

      OK, so just what is the solution for changing the language from French back to English? Every site I have gone to wants $29.99, which I think is ridiculous for an error caused by the software company.

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    • Wendy Burns

      I followed the above download instructions and still have the problem of spell check in French. I had fixed this once before (can’t remember how) but last night my husband was ‘cleaning up things’ on my computer and the problem has returned. HELP would be appreciated. It is so annoying. Thanks. Wendy

    • 1. I had Office 2000 and upgraded to Office 2007. This may also work if you have the Office 2003 disc.

      I run Windows XP. Same problem with Outlook Epress 6.xxxx. Only French spell check. Read lots of Q & A on the French Spell Check problem and this is what worked for me.
      First I used my Office 2000 disc and custom install. From there I denied installation to everything except Proof and the english versions under Office Tools. Easy to do in the drop downs for this software and I probably could have included French and Spanish. I continued the installation process. At some point the installation stalled and I canceled. However what installed to that point is in your PC or Labtop. Then, following another tip, I found the file “csapi3t1.dll” file using search, copied and pasted it to “Outlook express” folder found in Programs. Works just fine now and no Office 2007 spell checks have been altered. Worked for me and everything except this message have been spell checked. There was some dumb luck here but who cares.

    • Ray

      I have a legit copy of word 2007 and this fix does not work! I downloaded it a few times and each time it locks up the spell check and I have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete it to get it to go away. Using a Pentium 4 ACER Computer. Does anyone have a GOOD fix for this problem????

    • Steve

      Same problem with OE6 as described above…downloaded “fix” not a valid win32 application. My MS Office 2007 is a paid $$$ version. MS support for OE wants $59.00 just to answer an e-mail.

      Next computer will definitely be a MAC/

    • MP

      I am having the above described problem with OE only doing spell check in French, and that is my only option. Also, I notice in Office 2007 when I go under “Word Options” and “Proofing” it asks me about “French Modes” and then I can choose if I want traditional and/or new spellings. In my Office 2007 language settings, English is selected.

      I tried to download the OE spellcheck software, but my computer says it can not run setup because it is not a valid Win32 Application.

      This version of Office 2007 is the trial beta that I downloaded free to see if I liked 2007. I do like it, but ONLY if my spell check will work right!

      Any help is appreciated.

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