HP OfficeJet 4500 – Turn off Power Save Mode Reviewed by Momizat on . So recently I came across an issue where my HP OfficeJet 4500 would constantly go into Power Save mode. However while it is in that state, I can't wake it up wh So recently I came across an issue where my HP OfficeJet 4500 would constantly go into Power Save mode. However while it is in that state, I can't wake it up wh Rating:
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HP OfficeJet 4500 – Turn off Power Save Mode

So recently I came across an issue where my HP OfficeJet 4500 would constantly go into Power Save mode. However while it is in that state, I can’t wake it up when I want to print something. It started to get on my nerve quite a bit, so after a bit of research, I found that it was an issue with the Power Save Mode.

Now there is no way of turning it off from the main settings, so in order to turn it off, you need to do the following steps:

Press * and # at the same time on the Printer.

You will then see a screen full of *’s and #’s.

Press 1, 2, and then 4 buttons in sequence.

You will then see “Underware MWM…”

Press the left arrow key twice, and click OK.

Press the left arrow key once, you will see the option “System Mode Timeout” – Click OK

This option will be set to 1800 by default, so all you need to do is press 0 (zero), and click OK.

Then click the X button twice to go back to the main menu.

This should remove your Power Save Mode.

I haven’t come across much problem with the printer since, so I guess it worked. Hope this helped you as much as it did for me!

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  • Christi Albertson Strouse

    This isnt working. It is still showing power save mode. The printer will not turn off, even when we un plug it. How does that work????

  • Marietta

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES RESET THE SYSTEM MODE TIMEOUT TO 0!!!! Live with the inconvenience of having to unplug the printer. I did that and then couldn’t get it out of Powersave Mode at all. I realized by accident that when the phone is in use it comes out of Powersave and then I reset it back to the default of 1800. It works now. I have to unplug it every now and then, but at least it works.

  • It was really bugging me! It would go into power save mode, then it would go to where I had to unplug and plug it back in to get it to print anything. I just followed your directions… Hope it works. Thanks.

  • Richard

    Followed your instructions, seemed to work until power went off. Now it comes up immediately in power save and doesnot respond to anything

  • Piotmar75

    i did it.looks ok. hope is work

  • Swbob_2000

    The above power save fix will cause your printer to stay in power save mode and you will not be able to restore it. HP replaced my printer. I will live with the bug.

    • pinkneck

      You are right! Nothing works now after the above procedure. Mine is out of warrantly so it goes to the garbage heap. I’ll never buy HP again!

  • Dndlcj

    Thanks for the great information. Now I have a pretty good printer.

  • vincent

    thanks so much for this advice. appears to have worked. hp really needs to address this with an update or something.

  • Brownfox44

    Works perfect! You may have to click the “X” button several times to change “1800” to “0”.

  • phxguy

    worked great! Thanks

  • Marypromoitems

    Hope this works. Thank you

  • Guest

    This causes the printer to lock-up into a perpetual state of Power Save mode. The only remedy is to power cycle 3 times with the ink bay door open. Then you will be able to access the underware menu again. Set the value to 65535 instead.

    • pinkneck

      Opening the ink door did the trick and I only had to power cycle once.

    • sandymag

      Thank you. I power-cycled once and set the value to 65000. Printer came out of Power Save mode! However, I am having paper feeding problems – have reset, but paper feeds halfway and does not print. Still researching . . .

  • Good tip, worked for me! Thanks!!

    • Trixiet

      Yes, the procedure did work. Will keep my fingers crossed that this fixes the damn thing!!

  • Brad Johnson5725

    This is a hoax – the “0” will make it go into power save mode IMMEDIATELY. Go to the HP Web Site where it is documented as a hoax. What you can do is enter a value of up to 65000 (instead of 0) which is about 18 hours… but there is no documented way of turning power save off completely

    • Ljjade

      I have that problem in addition to a daily prompt to register my printer even though I have registered several times to try to make the nuisance prompt go away.

    • Dndlcj

      Did you try it or are you just an idiot? There is nothing on HP claiming this is a hoax. The person giving this information was being helpful. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

    • This is not a hoax, as I tried it this morning, and the printer is still on. Perhaps printers that fail this method or of a different firmware version? Default timeout for mine was 900 seconds, not the 1800 mentioned in the procedure.

  • Jimvansky

    WoW, Thanks for the great info. Was getting frustrated with this problem. Seems like a glitch that once in power save mode it doesn’t allow you to get out of it. Might as well shut itself down, at least then you would just know you had to start it up whenever you needed to use it.
    Your instructions were very straight forward and my printer responded just as you said it should. Again, Thank You for posting your helpful information.

  • Sez1998

    I see 1800 seconds scrolling, but cant change it using these instructions

  • Rob Tec

    it was very easy to do

  • Asedillo20

    First step did not work on mine when I tried it.

    • AllyCat

      Unplug the power cord first and wait until it does all of the “starting up”, then try again.

  • tschulkin

    Very clear and helpful. Crossing my fingers it works as the Power Save Mode was driving me crazy and I was about to try to return the printer. But I like it otherwise, so I hope this does the trick. THANK YOU!!!

    • Dwtr271

      Same here. This was very helpful, thanks.

  • Dirkluckett

    What do you mean. By “press 1, 2, and then 4 buttons in sequence”? Do you mean “press buttons 1, 2, 4 in sequence”?

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