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Android App – Dolphin Browser HD

I'm sure most people have been on the lookout for a new browser since the one that comes with Android isn't really the greatest. Well look no further because I have found it! The Android app is called Dolphin Browser HD. There are many features on this browser that sets it apart from your default browser - here are some of them: Add-on - Do customize your own browser, and make your browser look and function ...

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Android Market – Market needs Background Data to be enabled

Recently I came across an issue on my Android Market. When I went to the application, it had given me the following message: Market needs Background Data to be enabled. After doing a little bit of research, I had figured out that the issue was caused by one of the power saving features on my phone. When power saver is activated, your phone switches off certain features on it - one of them is the elusive bac ...

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New Android Market – Download APK!

Well if you have, or have not heard; Google has released the new Android Market! Now it comes complete with Apps, Books and even movie rentals. It will be rolled out in the next few weeks, however if you are one of the impatient ones like myself, feel free to download the APK file and install it manually! For more news on the changes made, read about it on one of the Android Developers blog here. To downloa ...

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