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Facebook Group Video Chat

I'm quite surprised that this feature was overlooked. Though their recent screw up with Facebook Chat has probably blinded everyone with rage, thus no one has seen or even heard about this new app on Facebook called "Social Hangouts." Alongside Facebook's recent release of video chat, an app developed by Social Hangouts released a self named app that works within Facebook, that allows you to have group vide ...

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Getting Rid of Facebook Chat Sidebar

So most of you Facebook users would've noticed the new chat sidebar. Most of you also hate it since it doesn't allow you to scroll through your list of friends online as yet. Hopefully Facebook will update it soon with a way for users to scroll through it properly inside Facebook. If you are not a fan of it, and would like to get rid of it temporarily, you can actually hide it. If you look next to the Optio ...

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WhatsApp Messenger – Free SMS Service!

With more and more users using the new smartphone ranges available, it is only a matter of time before SMS becomes a thing of the past and gives way to the internet based messaging systems. One of the best applications I have used so far would be WhatsApp messenger. This application uses your data connection on your smartphone to send messages between you and other users who have the same app on their phone ...

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