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Invite users to Google Plus using Link!

Well, you want one of your friends to join Google Plus, but don't really know their email address? That's fine, because with the latest feature from Google, you can now allow your friend to join Google Plus by simple clicking on a link! At the moment - as they are testing this phase - a maximum of 150 users can sign up via your invite. So be sure to send it to users you think would truly benefit from the us ...

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Facebook Group Video Chat

I'm quite surprised that this feature was overlooked. Though their recent screw up with Facebook Chat has probably blinded everyone with rage, thus no one has seen or even heard about this new app on Facebook called "Social Hangouts." Alongside Facebook's recent release of video chat, an app developed by Social Hangouts released a self named app that works within Facebook, that allows you to have group vide ...

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How to update Google+ and Facebook at the same time

So you've decided to move over to Google+, but you're still not over with your Facebook relationship? Well, we have a simple solution for you. If you would like to update your Google+ status, and Facebook status at the same time, it is perfectly easy to do. Follow the guide below and you will be up and running in no time! Step one: Browse to your Mobile Facebook page and with your Facebook credentials. In t ...

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