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FIX: Windows Vista Activation – Product Key in Use

There are many reasons as to why your activation will not work on Windows Vista. To name a few, you have chosen an invalid way of installing Vista (You chose Custom instead of Upgrade) or you have ran the installation without typing in the Product Key. Now when you get the prompt to activate Windows Vista, you get an error saying "Product Key already in use" - Do not fear, this does mean that Microsoft has ...

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Microsoft Office Issues

Been noticing the amount of Microsoft Office issues coming in from my customers and I had called up Microsoft Technical Support to get help regarding an issue to see how their technical support would begin troubleshoot their Microsoft Office issues. If you are facing issues where your Microsoft Office is running slow or freezing up while you are using it, the best solution would be to ...

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FIX: Microsoft Office – Spellcheck in French only!

A couple of days ago I had an issue regarding the Spellcheck not working in MS Word 2007. However this time I've come across another common issue where in Outlook or Outlook Express, Spellcheck is always in French. I've been getting quite a few issues where when a customer tries to use Outlook 2003/2007 or Outlook Express, their default spellcheck language is set to French and they're unable to change it. A ...

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FIX: Microsoft Office – End User License Agreement Constant Prompt

Ever get the problem where whenever you start up ANY Microsoft Office application (Mostly in Microsoft Office 2003) Where you are being prompted to Agree with the End User License Agreement everytime you start up the application. Even after you have agreed to it? Well if you are facing this issue, please try the following steps... I've also included illustrations :) ...

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Microsoft Office – Activation Issue

So you were using Microsoft Office one day and out of no where after doing some Windows Update you are being prompted to Activate your version of Microsoft Office again! Here are the possible scenario's that you could face at this point... It will say something along the lines of "Your product is already activated" You successfully Activate Office, then when you open it up again it prompts you to activate a ...

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