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Integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google+

Not long ago, I wrote an article about integrating Facebook and Twitter into Google+. However it seems there is another extension on Google Chrome which does the same thing as well, but has a much cleaner look. The extension is called Start G+ and is only available on Google Chrome at the moment. Not only does this extension add your Facebook and Twitter stream onto your Google+ page; it also adds an extra ...

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Monitor Data Usage on Smart Phones

Want to keep track of your phones usage? Well look no further! I have found a couple of applications that will go a long way and save you a lot of money in the future by letting you keep track on your phones usage. First up, we have Stats for Android phones. With Stats you keep track of various usage informations about your Android phone, separated into calls, text messages and data (Network and Wifi). As s ...

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How to integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google Plus

So shortly after writing my last post on updating your Facebook status from Google+, I came across another handy tool which integrates both Facebook and Twitter into your Google Plus account! In order to do this, you would need either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. They're both quite simple to install add-ons and integrate with Google+ seamlessly. First we'll start with Google+ Tweet D ...

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