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Windows 7/Vista “God Mode”

Ever wanted all your Windows settings in one place? Well, now you can have it with "God Mode" in Windows 7/Vista. God Mode was created by the Windows Development team to help them browse through various settings for Windows within one panel without the hassle of opening up different folders in Control Panel and other places. To use it, all you need to do is: Step One: Create a new folder. Right Click on Des ...

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FIX: Windows Vista Activation – Product Key in Use

There are many reasons as to why your activation will not work on Windows Vista. To name a few, you have chosen an invalid way of installing Vista (You chose Custom instead of Upgrade) or you have ran the installation without typing in the Product Key. Now when you get the prompt to activate Windows Vista, you get an error saying "Product Key already in use" - Do not fear, this does mean that Microsoft has ...

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Windows Vista File System – NTFS ONLY!

After going through a fellow bloggers article regarding the differences between FAT32 and NTFS (Which was something new I learn't today) I decided to warn any users who were about to upgrade to Windows Vista of a compulsary decision you need to make. First, I would like you to read over what crystalattice has blogged about in his article about ...

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FIX: Windows Vista – Slow Internet Download/Connection Speeds

Ever noticed how your Windows Vista's download speed is slower than your Windows XP's download speed? This most likely will occur if you have a RealTek Network Card installed on your computer. The reason why you have slow download speeds is because at the moment, there is a Vista driver that is out that is actually pointing to the date of 6-21-2006 when it should really be 1-26-2007. So that pretty much sum ...

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Windows Vista and Firewire – INCOMPATIBLE!

So you tried to plug in your Digital Camera or iPod using a Firewire connection and wondered, "Hmmmm why is Windows Vista not even detecting the device?" - Well here's the answer, it's quite simple really. With the new roll out of Windows Vista, rumour has it that Windows Vista does not ...

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